Academic Projects

Instructional Design projects completed as a graduate student at CU Denver and as Sr. Instructional Designer at Denver Seminary.

Change Project

Assessing Student Engagement

This design for change at Denver Seminary seeks to address the problem of how to effectively track and assess student engagement and contribution to the online learning community. This change document provides evidence for testing the approach of using ILA ( Interactive Learning Activities) Self-Assessments that students complete periodically and professor’s evaluate and provide feedback. It is used as a key reference document toward transitioning the seminary’s online courses to student self-assessments.

Video E-Learning Instructional Website

Getting Started with Video

This website was created to provide a video beginner with background information, places to start, and tips & tools to utilize video for e-learning. It was designed as part of a graduate course: E-Learning Trends. See webpage images here.
Access the website at:

Solution Design

Accessibility for Student Success

Denver Seminary aims to expand its accessibility to serve all students equitably, including those with visual, hearing, or cognitive disabilities. This solution design document provides a plan to accomplish this goal through a training module for faculty to learn more about accessible design, experience the accessibility needs of students, and create accessible content for their courses. The Accessibility for Student Success document serves as part of Denver Seminary’s plan of action for universal design in its online courses. Cf. suppl. Accessiblity infographic:

Scholarly Article Review & Annotation Document Annotation

This application annotation represents a Final Reflection for a graduate course: Digital Storytelling & Learning in response to the field study published online by the MIT Open Documentary Lab: Collective Wisdom.
See the full page:

Online Teaching Plan of Action

Using the Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT) Framework

Based upon nine categories of the Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT) Instrument, describe your immediate and future plans for teaching strategies in online and blended learning.

Scholarly Research

Resource Scan: HyFlex

This Resource Scan is a collection of scholarly articles and research studies on the HyFlex model of online learning. The literature search was done as part of a graduate course: Research in Learning Design & Technology in order to acquire resources to answer three key questions: How are educational institutions utilizing the HyFlex model? What are the benefits and challenges? Are there proven best practices to execute a HyFlex model?

Research Data Synopsis

Best Practices and Frameworks for Online Doctoral Programs

This Data Synopsis covers the research study by N. Chipere, “Developing Online Doctoral Programmes” (2015). In addition to a synopsis of the study’s objectives, data analysis, and conclusions, this paper presents strengths of Chipere’s study (2015), offers critiques, and suggests uses for the research results. The data synopsis was done as part of a graduate course: Research in Learning Design & Technology.