Creative Projects

Media projects and audio/video productions completed as a graduate student at CU Denver.

Digital Storytelling: Knight Lab StoryMap

Every Californian has an Earthquake
Story – Here’s Mine

For this multimedia video, audio, and graphic production, I used the Knight Lab StoryMap app to tell my story of growing up in California experiencing multiple major earthquakes and witnessing others from a distance after moving to Colorado. The digital pages of this 25-minute StoryMap demonstrate my creativity in digital storytelling and my technical abilities in audio and video production and editing.

VoiceThread Demonstration: How to Create a VT Video Discussion

Online Learning with VoiceThread

This VoiceThread video presentation, Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality: A History Lesson 2033, demonstrates how to create and participate in an online video discussion using the VoiceThread application. The demo provides an imaginary scenario with future online learners in the year 2033 when the generation born during the Coronavirus pandemic will have entered their teenage years (AKA the Quaranteens or Coronials).

Digital Storytelling: “Leondardo Da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius”
Denver Museum of Nature & Science – March, 2019

Mona Lisa

This video slide presentation, Uncovering the Mona Lisa’s Three Hidden Portraits, tells the story of how Da Vinci painted multiple layers behind his famous Mona Lisa portrait. All images were taken with permission at the DMNS exhibit, March 25, 2019 and are displayed under Fair Use and for Educational Purposes Only.

Creative Designs: Podcast

What Color is 4?

For this Podcast project, I was challenged to present color in audio form. My first thought was, how do I choose any particular color? And, then, wouldn’t I also have to pick a number? Because, for me, I see each number as its own color.  Confused? Well, my podcast will walk you through my journey to discover I have the ‘trait’ of color Synesthesia. (Spoiler alert: 4 is brown.) Enjoy!

Creative Designs: PechaKucha

Mindfulness for Mondays: Tips from
a Non-Expert

This video presentation uses the PechaKucha storytelling format: 20 slides for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds total). It provides images and videos to practice the relaxation technique of Mindfulness. This PechaKucha displays my graphic design and technical skills as well as my abilities in instructional design in multiple mediums.

Creative Designs: Soundseeing Tour

The Color of Snow: Monet winter scenes

For this Soundseeing Tour project, I created an audio-only tour of the “Claude Monet: Truth of Nature” exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, specifically Monet’s painting, “Coming into Giverny in Winter” (1885), in the winter scenes gallery.

Background music:
Chansons de Bilitis (Debussy) – Paula Robison, flute;
Mariko Anraku, harp, 2011 (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0).