Zoom tutorials

These Zoom tutorial videos are for both teachers and students but are primarily from a participant’s perspective.

In-Meeting Controls for Participants

This 10 min. tutorial covers:
– Gallery vs. Speaker view
– Participants Panel with
interactive controls
– Audio and Video Muting
(Participant vs. Host)
– Intro to Chat
– Share Screen
– Annotations & Whiteboard
– Reactions
– Meeting ID & URL
– Viewing multiple screens
– Breakout Rooms

Audio-Video Setup for Zoom

This 5 min. tutorial covers audio (microphone) and video (camera) setup before and during a Zoom session.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

This 2 min. tutorial shows how to display virtual backgrounds (photo or video) during a Zoom session, either using one of Zoom’s preset backgrounds or uploading one of your own.

Side-by-Side View for Participants

This 1 1/2 min. tutorial presents how Zoom participants can view a shared screen in the adjustable side-by-side mode. Note: this function is not available to the presenter sharing their screen.

Using Chat in Zoom

This 3 min. tutorial explains how to use the chat feature during a Zoom session including private and public messaging.