Digital Journaling

The art of journaling doesn’t have to be pencil on paper . . .

My Ideation Journal

It has often been suggested to me to keep a journal — because words written on paper somehow have special significance. They are more meaningful…more tangible. But I love the creativity of digital spaces. The stories I can tell here, through imagery and interconnections, are no less poignant or passionate. In this virtual world, my medium becomes multi-media. My expressions can be colorful — even artistic. And, in fact, they may have more power to inspire by the very fact they are shared.

So, I join those who acclaim the practice of journaling … but I add the proposal that we explore the art of digital journaling.

Looking for an online application to experiment with? I offer my Ideation Journal, created in Padlet.

Below is a screenshot of my home page. But you can access my Padlet directly by clicking here: Jacki’s Ideation Journal.